Viktor Frankl, since his 1905 birth into a Jewish family in Vienna, never wavered from his dream, pursuing medicine, neurology, and psychiatry and eventually became the founder of logotherapy - most simply defined as healing through meaning or growth through meaning. Logotherapy is not so much a method to cure the sick as it is a method to maintain health through a worldview that stresses what is right with us rather than what is wrong. It is very useful to our populations of substance abusers.

The concept is to give our clients the ability to follow our programs and therapeutic treatment plans which we then supplement by helping them to uncover their meaning and purpose in life so they are drawn towards it, while being pushed and guided by their treatments plans and programs.

Viktor Frankl was unprepared for the unbelievable horrors he would be subjected to with the advance and occupation of his city, religion, and culture by Adolf Hitler and his Nazis however his studies in how suffering can be overcome attitudinally were deeply embedded in his psyche. After surviving the Holocaust and losing his family, which he describes in his book Man's Search for Meaning, he returned to civilization with his foundation tested and beliefs proven.

Frankl's logotherapy and existential analysis is considered the third Viennese School of Psychotherapy. For Irvin Yalom, Frankl, "has devoted his career to a study of an existential approach to therapy, has apparently concluded that the lack of meaning is the paramount existential stress. To him, existential neurosis is synonymous with a crisis of meaninglessness".

The classes, groups and individual sessions are taught by Above and Beyond's Executive Director who, himself, is engaged in becoming a "Diplomate" in Logotherapy through the Viktor Frankl School of Psychotherapy in Vienna. He expects to be awarded his degree this June at the World Congress of Logotherapists in Dallas, TX.

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