Are you are looking to be of service?

What inspires a person to volunteer their resources to any effort? It’s not the idea of payment or acknowledgement or even notoriety. It is something deeper, more profound. At Above and Beyond we welcome your gifts of time and talent. You will join a team of highly committed staff members engaged in cutting edge work - transforming the lives of people forgotten and dismissed on the West Side of Chicago.

At Above and Beyond we can help you match your skills to the right volunteer opportunity. We also welcome suggested ideas and activities that will expand the possibilities for people moving from hopelessness to hope.

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Your donation is vital to Above and beyond. The financial resources to carry out our mission hinges on the generosity of the community and your belief that our mission is transformative and makes a difference in regenerating hope, over coming obstacle and saving lives. Above and Beyond is committed to sustainable fund raising in order to develop programing unencumbered by political ideas or far reaching policies.

The people in this community understand what the critical needs are and how to reach out and create partnerships that will solve problems. Real people solving real problems. Your donation helps in the continued presence of Above and Beyond.

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