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“We believe you can be well.” With these simple words, the founders of Above and Beyond have brought together a seasoned team of staff members from the healthcare community with decades of personal and professional experience in the ever changing field of substance use. When we say, “we believe you can be well” we’re stating our belief in everyone’s ability to experience healing, hope and health when properly stimulated, educated, and supported... To learn more, watch Above and Beyond video.

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In the relationships of our shared humanity and responsibility for each other... we find healing.

Second Annual Fundraising Gala

Our goal is to raise enough operating capital for at least six months of operations while honoring the homeless and poverty-stricken substance abusers we serve who are working harder just to keep their heads above water. Our mission is to guide them down their own, unique paths back to the discovery and fulfillment of their purposes and destinies, which can only be accomplished clean and sober! To learn more watch the Above and Beyond Gala video or read more details here.

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Our Mission:

The vision of Above and Beyond is to build an individualized treatment experience that is available to anyone in need regardless of their economic status. Our clients and clinicians create therapeutic alliances that design and execute personalized programs of recovery that co-exist side-by-side personal development and growth goals. We believe that recovery is a process that requires meeting individuals where they are at as well as addressing their environmental life circumstances such as: education, employment readiness, interpersonal relationships, and social reintegrative abilities and activities.

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